Glycosyn Health Initiatives (GHI) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to implementing new treatments and technologies to reduce the impact of infant and childhood diseases worldwide. It builds on the groundbreaking scientific discoveries of Glycosyn LLC.

A collaboration of scientists from Harvard Medical School/Boston College, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Instituto Nacional de Sciencias Medicas y Nutricion (Mexico) discovered a class of glycan molecules from human milk (human milk oligosaccharides, or hMOS) that inhibit the major causes of diarrhea and may have a significant impact on childhood respiratory diseases. In 2002, these scientists and others established Glycosyn LLC of Medford, Massachusetts to devise a means of manufacturing these molecules at large scale using advanced biotechnology.

GHI was formed as a not-for-profit corporation to distribute these new therapeutics and other inventions to enhance infant and child health for the developing countries. GHI is dedicated to providing Glycosyn’s products at minimum cost to children throughout the world, focusing on developing countries with the highest incidence of childhood diarrhea and respiratory diseases.


Infant and childhood diarrhea and childhood respiratory diseases kill at least 3,000,000 babies and children each year, and weaken and debilitate as many more. In addition, these diseases are major factors in exacerbating malnutrition and other health issues that limit the normal development of many infants and children in developing nations. Furthermore, with over 50,000,000 refugees worldwide (the highest number since World War II) and a significant increase in the frequency and impact of natural disasters, babies and children are more at risk than ever.


Working closely with Glycosyn and Glycosyn’s manufacturing partners, GHI is responsible for optimizing the distribution of Glycosyn’s hMOS and other inventions to those underserved populations that need it the most, at little or no cost to the child, family and community in need. These include infants and children in the developing world, high-risk refugee populations, disaster victims, and populations experiencing epidemics caused by cholera and other pathogens. The product is stable at room temperature, would be taken orally as part of a drink or nutriment, and is intrinsically pleasant-tasting. Moreover, repeated use against pathogens does not result in resistance or diminished protection.

GHI is currently building distribution and production relationships in the developing world to prepare for global availability of kiloton quantities of its synthesized hMOS products. GHI seeks support from individuals and institutions who share our dedication to saving the lives of children throughout the developing world.

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The Need
Glycosyn’s products address major causes of infant and childhood morbidity and mortality, including childhood diarrhea and respiratory diseases. Glycosyn Health Initiatives (GHI) will deliver these products to children who need them most.

Glycosyn and its partners are testing and producing human milk oligosaccharides (hMOS) identical to these naturally occurring substances in human milk. hMOS are proven to enhance children’s health and combat major childhood diseases which are endemic in the developing world.