John R. Garrett, PhD

Dr. John R. Garrett is Principal of John R. Garrett & Partners, specializing in building early stage companies. In the last four years, Dr. Garrett has founded, co-founded and/or served as CEO or Chairman of six companies. Currently, he is co-Ceo of Glycosyn LLC and Executive Chairman of Grid Solutions Corporation, and a member of the Advisory Board of Advanced Proteome Therapeutics. Previously, Dr. Garrett was Senior Advisory Director to the consulting, mergers and acquisitions firm Monitor/MAST primarily assisting early-stage software companies.

Before that, Dr. Garrett spent several years as Director, Internet Business for the Cross Country Group company, focusing on its customer care and software initiatives. Prior to joining Cross Country, Dr. Garrett was co-founder and Vice President, Business Development for Planet Direct, a CMGI company, and worked extensively with CMGI’s Internet and software initiatives. Prior to CMGI, Dr. Garrett worked with Drs. Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf, co-inventors of the Internet. He also organized the first national conference on intellectual property in digital environments and served as co-chair of the first national Task Force on Digital Preservation. Dr. Garrett has published three books and many articles and chapters and has been a frequent speaker at professional conferences and forums.