Phillips Kuhl

Phillips Kuhl is the co-founder of CHI, and has been president of the company since the company began in 1992. Phillips has been responsible for the steady and profitable growth of the business to its current scope of organizing 100 conferences and tracks during the current fiscal year, all focused on biotechnology and pharmaceutical issues. During 2006 CHI acquired Bio-IT World, a leader in print and electronic publishing covering the implications of informatics and IT for better decision-making for biological and pharmaceutical research. At the beginning of 2007 the reports unit was re-integrated into CHI and rebranded as Insight Pharma Reports. Prior to CHI, Phillips spent three years developing the Life Science Division of conferences for IBC US. His prior experience also includes senior positions in consulting, market research and an operating position in a life science company, covering eleven years. Phillips received his BA in Economics and in Russian Studies from Haverford College and his MBA from Harvard Business School.